Friday: Leaddog’s pursuit is hampered by a new issue: GOUT! Although in great pain, and too much to detail here, Leaddog still shows up to maintain his leading membership in the FAMHC. Polecat and Hobbit were at camp, investigating the possibility of a frozen water line. All was declared to be in working order. Probie arrives and earns his second FAMHC recertification checkmark. No hunting commenced due to “electrical” problems with equipment, which was soon fixed. The crew will be happy with the results of said fix.

Saturday:With a full complement of Rangers, it was decided to hunt the Beast O’ Mighty. Leaddog’s paw, now in worse condition than on arrival keeps him from joining in the escapades of the days hunt, HOWEVER, being a true trooper, instead of going home he sets up watch in the bed of his truck, under cover of a warm sleeping bag on private Ftroop lands and awaits the appearance of the tame six pointer. It was pure hell, while the gang was over the hill. Anxious moments ensued when the Hobbit pushes a big doe towards the awaiting watchers, which as usual disappeared.
Meanwhile over the hill: Digger?

Sunday:Leaddog’s paw prevents even a local hunt, and no watch was endured which resulted in an early departure. A wet trail of tears was seen on the pavement heading towards the flatland.
Meanwhile on the hill: Digger?

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