Friday: Not to let a continued sore paw hinder a day in the woods, Leaddog once again hobbles to a watch all the way to the third cable, on I-ron-der-twat, where there found was a fresh scrape, with mule tracks going up the hill. Four hours of quiet contemplation led to a beautiful sunset and subsequent hobble back to camp. Denmama and the Hobbit goes out to “dinner” and rescues another barrel of beer. Polecat’s membership in good standing in the FAMHC is now in question, badges now safely sequestered in the shitter.

Saturday: The crew hunts from Billy’s watch to the Knolls, where one watcher is stationed just prior. Excitement ensues as Digger kicks mules in the ass and they fly off of Camp Knob. Scrapes and rubs abound, but the creator of such still is in stealth mode. Robba earns his 26.2 mileage sticker as he flies by the crew on the way to Marsh for part two of the hunt, last heard was him yelling “I’m a framer!” as the path of fire finally burnt out from his hasty traverse. Part two of the hunt resulted in a long painful downhill stumble to camp by Leaddog, who has experienced new thresholds in pain management.

Sunday: Now without the seemingly Olympic level hunter Robba present, the remaining crew hunts the bunny hills as usual. Leaddog goes on watch to the spot where he was on Friday, and to his dismay the fresh scrape apparently was visited again sometime on Saturday, with large prints and dirt in the tracks from Leaddogs Friday watch. The tracks now were going downhill, away form the crew. Digger and Polecat tries to duplicate the Toucher’s route, who just so happened NOT to come to camp AGAIN. No contact was made, but Steven and his charge (Jake) has a doe present herself to them. At least the kid got to finally see a mule!

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