Polecat with his 7 pointer!
Polecat with his 7 pointer!

Friday:The FAMHC reconvenes with four Rangers, (one retired) and hunts the off site area that consumed two weekends last season. A beautiful day resulted in a sunny warm watch for Leaddog, who’s paw is now on the mend and seems to be in working order. No mules observed, but a very nice day indeed; as compared to the next two days of hunting in “Three inches of partly cloudy”. On a side note, under “camp business” it seems that one charter member of the FAMHC, the “Toucher” has not reported in on any Friday so far this year to maintain his membership in good standing status. Rule 33b(iii) clearly states that unless a medical excuse is presented, (or death which is as good as always), any member must attend at least ONE Friday hunt to keep said status in good standing. Not only was that the issue, TWO weekends of prime hunting were missed as well. At his time, the Toucher, aka: “Every other weeker” is now placed on probation, which has many consequences, most still to be determined. Badges will be placed with Polecat’s in the rusty oil can, in the shitter.

Saturday: The crew assembles sans two Rangers, Probie and Lindy to hunt the way back. Attacking the area of concern (AOC) during complete snow squall whiteouts not one sign of “Beast O’ Mighty” was seen by the advance team. Etch-a-Sketch conditions from snow proves that the beast is not sparring with the crew. This results in a bad attitude, especially for Robba. Since the crew is now in the middle of nowhere, in the AOC a decision was made to hunt the way out. But what was found that Beast O’ Mighty has set up shop on the other side of the creek, as evidenced by resultant rubs seen. One “rub” was actually a gouge on a tree bigger than a telephone pole. While the now split crew decides to make a small hunt to see if said beast is present, three rangers from the FAMHC (all in good standing) hunts one hill to the right of the other crew. One last minute change in route assignments resulted in Brown is Down. These three FAMHC-Rangers, (with membership in good standing) attacks the hill, with the Polecat hijacking Leaddog’s route. Switching said routes, Polecat stays low, Leaddog and Digger climbs the hill to the top, where Digger finds beds and does feeding. One mule seems to try to escape behind Leaddog, and circles around and runs into Polecat, who dispatched the mule in fine fashion. A seven pointer, and one happy Denmama was the end result. Robba and Steven, assisted by others drags the poor beast in record time to the means of conveyance over two miles away.

Sunday: A now happy crew awakens to more of “three inches of partly cloudy”. A preplanned hunt of one of the bunny hills ensues, but this time it was do be done in reverse, thus hopefully confusing the mules when encountered. Old watches from years past were once again manned and the drive commenced only to find that an interloper has made his presence into the area thus screwing up the well planned hunt. Fresh mule tracks were seen by Leaddog coming off the hill heading to the other side, and was confirmed by the Trailhugger who found fresh beds that most likely would have contained the mules. The crew is convinced that this hunt may have resulted in the probability of another buck hanging, but the sole interloper pushed the mules out of the area prior. Obviously the interloper forgot that the southern zone is open and the woods of the north are for F-Troop’s use only!

Picture of Polecat’s mule is above.

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