Friday: The FAMHC resumes activites as Leaddog gets a chance to hunt solo! Arriving to overcast skies, a walk up the hill resulted in immediate IFR conditions. Not to have his day alone ruined by clouds, the walk resumes and a lunch was enjoyed at the Hilton. A decision was made to continue on, and soon the skies lifted enough to actually see. What was seen was eight miles of sacred hunting grounds with no mules! One feeble attempt at a scrape was observed. Still, an enjoyable day in the Northwoods.

Saturday: Polecat is talked into not walking to Old Forge, in an attempt to save what’s left of his hip. Instead he walks to Inlet, which Chip tried to do before he was once again saved from himself. A drive is formulated in which Ftroopers were to converge to a specific point, which most did. The mules decided not to converge with them. Part two of the hunt resulted in flat topped mules were finally seen leaving the area in which the crew now occupied.

Sunday: The crew hunts one of the local bunny hills, due to an early departure because of an upcoming weather event. Chip was given the task of driving along the lake, which once again resulted in his apparrent decision to go uphill into the middle of the drive. We shall never know why this happens. A hasty retriet to the flatland ensued to prepare for the upcoming weather event.

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