1. Hey Spike
    Bring your saw and work gloves. I got just the project to work up your appitite. Not that you need it to be worked up.
    MENU=WORK, Beer, Chicken & Ribs.
    Your Den Ma Ma

  2. It’s the new Ftroop uniform to enhance performance in the field. Soon to be available in blaze orange and mossy oak infinity. Form fitting for that slimming look. Can you imagine Spike in it? Run for the hills!

  3. robba checkin in… ready for work party and I along with probie and steve m are going to lay down 50 on the table because we are not going to cut firewood for 30 cents per man hour on sun. Every one except retirees may want to participate to stop this madness and focus on ourselves finally.

  4. Sounds good to me!
    But we better do the cat-scratch math for Polecat!

    Is that a combined 50, or 50 per man?

    Have Probie send the last results from the “scratch pad” if necessary!

    EDIT: Here’s a thought: Why not charge FULL MARKET VALUE for said firewood? After all, this still is America; where Capitalism rules!

  5. my thought was that me probie steve linde toucher digger lead dog spike and trail hugger drop 50 on the table. eliminating the cheap ass firewood would enable us to finally focus on ourselves like a new shitter, the driveway, the ditch, the tractor and dumptruck repair, our own firewood, creating more sleeping space upstairs…..the list just keeps going on. oh yea and maybe a nice bbq pit with a real roof.

  6. Update from the trailer park!!
    The Fish’s have informed Polecat that they will “NOT” need any additional firewood this coming fall! They have leftover from the mild winter and combined with a few trees they took down this spring they are all set. Polecat did mention to me that another customer has requested a face cord but I think we can easily talk him out of it. I’m all in on the “Fifty on The Table” campaign! We have enough work in the woods and around the camp to keep us outta the beer!

  7. What, is the Obama administration funding their firewood needs this year?

    Did they get a call from the big “O” himself saying:

    “Let, me be clear-make no mistake…You-doe-nee-noo-firewood”

    If we do have to cut wood, it’s now called “Organic Firewood”, labeled as such, and of course; it’ll be at a premium price, including climate change tax.

    Each and every log is “hand cured”, and spoken to in a soft, non-threatening voice. At night, each piece is sent to bed with low, soft, classical music playing; with a nightlight too.

    We’ll sell hundreds of cords… 😉

  8. But that would mean we still have to cut the wood. What if we really go green and leave the saws home. By not running the saws we aren’t burning fossil fuels there by reducing our carbon foot print. Also by not cutting down trees we would be promoting a more sustainable hunting camp and we might be eligible for carbon credits. I’m sure we could also apply for some gov’t grant/subsidy of some sort for making all theses “Green”changes. Think of the “Green Revenue”! 🙂

  9. hey u guys are getting off track…. fuck going green… let us focus on our selves and dig a new shitter, build a nice bbq pit, create MORE SLEEPIN SPACE upstairs, the drive way, the ditch, the cables, and so on and so forth… NO CUTTING CHEAP-ASS FIREWOOD THATS OVER PERIOD….

  10. Tell us how you really feel Robba. I sense your holding something back. I see a new badge in your sights. The first Green badge signifying freedom from cutting wood. It’ll be like our own green tea party.

  11. I think Robba’s quite capable of letting his feelings be known it appears! I wonder if it was Bombay induced 😉
    I got my $50 ready! I foresee many upgrades for F-troop!

    Even 25 miles of string to tie to Chips ass so we can find where he broke it crossing the South Branch!

    If the simple majority sez no cutting fire wood, then so be it. That is,,, IF a majority of the people that come to work week end, THAT HUNT WITH US the previous season vote it in. I also can afford the $50. Muffin wont be there!!
    BUT AND A BIG BUT—What do you tell the guys who are’nt kicking in 50
    There will be no roof over the deck or a BBQ pit for you wanna be MEN. I ain’t shoveling off any roofs in winter and I ain’t counting on any body to come up to shovel them. PERIOD
    I dont know how your going to increase the sleeping space, without going up. The APA or zoning wont allow the height cause of the senic view from Marsh Mtn.
    NEW SHITTER??? I was going to try and dig out those boulders there and level the location but I had no fill to put back into the holes before we build a new one. I used up the only fill I had putting in a drain pipe below the camp. So you babies can drive up the last 25 feet to the back door. so you dont get your boots muddy in the spring..
    We need to clear a spot down by the lake. I think I can get fill there. Only about 10 trees. I hope it wont put to much of a strain on you babies.
    Its a good thing for you guys that I might not be able to get up into the high country this year or you all would be huntin at the South Branch.
    Your Den Ma Ma

  13. I have realized that i have no say in nothing but south branch is a waste of time when we see sign all over G-lake. But i agree we need to take care of F-Troop first

    Spike already wears enough form fitting clothes. We dont need to encourage him.

  14. Being the mathimatical genius that I am, Here’s how it works out
    To run the camp=$250
    Misc expenses= $100
    Total= $350
    Dues brings in (avg) = $380
    I extort from you guys (avg) = $343 (cards,tips, soda)
    Total (avg)= $723
    Leaving a balance each year after the huntin season of =$373
    Work week end with beer and booze (avg) =$710 (beer this year=$100 a barrel)
    We drop the beer and booze and save $372 and pay for it out of pocket.
    Some dildo,mamby pambies dont touch SoCo, beer or Gin, so should’nt pay
    My math=$710
    Minus = $372
    Balance= $338 What we will spend for work week end
    We can do it without the $50 fine so you mamby pambies dont have to cut fire wood.
    My math again= $373 (balance at end of huntin season)
    Minus= $338 (work week end withot beer and booze)
    Balance= $35 (close!!, but we can do it , if our misc expenses dont go up, like material for a new SHITTER which I will go in for 1/2 .
    We’re OK for this year and we have to cut some trees like I said so we should be OK for next year also.
    So, STOP CRYING and bring those chain saws and (Robba)-your cable
    Your Den Ma Ma

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