Derrie and Canon face off with a Bear!

While picking blackberries last weekend Derrie and Canon ran into a black bear on the side of the driveway. So Polecat decides to put out the critter cam to get a few photo’s of the bear, he ends up getting some great shots of not just the bear! These photo’s should get you guys excited about the upcoming hunting season!

8 Replies to “Derrie and Canon face off with a Bear!”

  1. Why do I envision a brawl over the newly coveted “Dumptruck Watch” amongst the retirement community?

    It won’t appear as a waypoint on any map either!!

  2. I say our first drive of the season should be the DriveWay! We can put all the watchers down at Hobbit’s camp and we can start the drive from the shitter!There was a nice 6ptr in those photo’s!

  3. Better yet, we all converge at one point, say halfway up the driveway, We’ll form a big circle, and put Chip in middle with a net…only!

  4. Thats just wrong i wouldn’t drop the net. I would just be amazed that i have finally seen a deer at camp.

    BTW I have seen 2 bucks 1 eight point and one 6 point and 1 doe running around vale cemetery.

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