New Badge Available

Rangers.  I just completed my first triathlon this past weekend.  600m swim, 15.5 mi bike, and 4 mi run in 1 hr 43 min 10 sec.  Overall finish of 100 out of 195.  Pretty good accomplishment.  Although a 66 year old women beat me by 21 seconds.  I did however whoop several “kids” in their 20’s.  You can see the time sheet at:

I am on page 3, 4th from the top.  In honor, there will be new badges available this fall for the first F-Troop triathlon.  It will be a 50m swim across the South Branch, a 6 mi hike back to camp, followed by several martoonis before dinner.  For those not up to the task, you could do it as a team.  Chip could start since he likes to head to the South Branch.  Polecat has already been swimming in the South Branch so he has a head start.  Steve M could be the martooni finisher.  – Probie

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  1. Now that the South Branch is no longer a barrier, you guys better learn to shoot real straight.
    Your Den Ma Ma is the only one who knows how to go Wilder thru this barrier.

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