Work weekend is coming. It will be good to get together again (and drink beer & eat chicken). I hope it will be good weather and no rain


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  1. Attention Dildo’s
    22 Days left till we see Spike jumping off the couch to stuff his face–Can’t wait for the show.
    I plan on taking the sick, lame and lazy with me (lame) to move the cable at Pie Whore’s trail and clean out this trail and Billie’s watch trail.
    If any of you guys know of anybody going to Maine, give me a call. We need booze.
    Our business man, Trail Hugger might go the week before or so he sez–That is if he can tear away from his first love–MONEY (He has orders to call me)
    I’ll start calling the dildo’s who did’nt respond to the menu I sent via E-mail during the week of the 10th.
    I need to know by Wednsday the 26th,,,Who’s Coming.
    Your Den Ma Ma

  2. PS Almost forgot
    The rest of you Rangers will have to carry on for me up to the High Country.
    You know who you are.
    Your Den Ma Ma

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