Friday: A turkey stuffed crew of four assembles on Thursday night to hunt early the next day. Polecat arrives at dawn (or soon thereafter), and the crew reassembles to see if the mule that Robba hit and survived last week was being consumed by woodland critters. No ‘yote tracks or ravens in the area, so it appears that the mule was indeed carrying a first aid kit. New lands were hunted, with “strange” mules being encountered. The crew vows to return next Friday and give it a go.

Saturday: Everyone but the Toucher is at camp, and a return to the old method of hunting is tried. A series of close to camp drives like in the “old days” was performed, with no results. Some mules were actually seen and the went to where the crew was not. Stosh even shows up, and vows to return next week! Polecats dogs decide to give the Pie-whore some competition, and eats the dessert that was supposed to be for the crew when left alone in camp. The last we saw was the actual Pie-whore sobbing and sharpening his knife; to extract said pies from the dogs….

Sunday: A abridged hunt of the bunny hill was accomplished, but without the Toucher to perform his usual route, it appeared to be for naught. A good portion of the crew leaves early, which further resulted in less eyes in the woods. A disgruntled remaining crew leaves somewhat early, to let the mules recover.

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  1. “Saturday: Everyone but the Toucher is at camp”? So you guys have written me out of the will already?

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