Friday: An excited crew assembles for the last FAMHC event for this year. Holding true to their promise to hunt some “strange”, the crew indeed does! Returning to the new addition to the 25 square miles of established “privately owned state land” a hunt was soon commenced, which led to yet another snowy day. Venturing into the unknown, new routes were learned, as well as the sighting of “Icicle Al’s” truck in the mix. After a snowy walk, and decorating Al’s vehicle with F-troop memorabilia, a return to familiar surrounds took place. Lots and lots (and lots) of mule tracks abound. It appears they were just as confused as Ftroop……

Saturday: A full compliment of hunters, including senior members that could join as watchers due to the ease of their placement (quack-quack) return to the area of strange mules. Drives were performed, a new vessel was found and commandeered, with part two of the hunt consisting of “to hell with deer, lets find Icicle Al instead” being proclaimed. Two hours later, Digger gets the new “I found Icicle Al” badge! The crew has mules running about, Leaddog actually sees a doe, and it appears that the doe had a friend of four points that, of course…Icicle Al saw….and didn’t bag!

Sunday: A tired, mopy and disgruntled crew awakens and decides to hunt the bunny hill. The usual paths and watches were taken by the men, and the usual paths and escape routes were taken by the mules. The back door was again left open, (see Trailhugger’s encounter a few seasons back) as only the Piewhore was in the vicinity of the leaping bounding mules, one which was in question as to its gender. Chip and Stosh sees does, and polecat saw flags.

Sunday night: Polecat sits in a liquid mess of tears, beer, and SoCo as everyone heads home except him. He had chores to complete before coming down the hill on Monday, as directed by HIS denmama!!! 🙂

7 Replies to “WEEK SEVEN – The FINALE!”

  1. Sorry I couldn’t make my way to enjoy the deer woods with my fellow F-Troopers this season, I am hoping I will next season. Just so you guys know I haven’t flatland hunted either and spent only 2 days Quacker hunting. Happy though that you guys broke the draught and it sounds like the deers have returned to our woods.

  2. trail hugger just wanted to let you know we missed the hell out of you this year. Please make it up next year! fyi there may be a no show tax and polecat might show up looking for it

  3. Thanks Robba, I missed the hell out of you guys too! I will gladly pay any “no-show” tax F-Troop decides to levy on me, unless I can claim “fixed income status” by then.

  4. I’m sorry, Ftroop is no longer accepting applications for new members at this time. However, you may submit a 500 word essay entitled “Why I want to be an Ftrooper”, which will be reviewed at the 2012 Spring Gathering for possible consideration.

    Additionally, there are no open bunks available at this time as well. All bunks are either claimed by current members in good standing, or is used for storage of goods recently acquired at the Warrensburg Garage Sale. (There is no spare room under Bernie’s bunk for said acquired goods).

    We look forward to receiving your essay submission for review!

    Good Luck!

  5. You were indeed missed by all Trailhugger. You better make it up there next year. Chip needs you to show him how to be a “Trailhugger” or else he is gonna end up swimming in the South Branch! But I think the essay is a good idea! We will all get together for the spring hike, then you can present your essay to the class. Which will be followed up by Robba’s first Banjo recital. Then we will finish off the night with a showing of the 2011 “Year in Review” dvd!

  6. Don’t get yer down all twisted Trailhugger, make plans to come to the spring hike, Tobais and Hobbit are planning to go. You can go fishin’ while we explore!

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