Cameras, Water and the Leaddog!

Ok….this is it. After several inquiries as to why I’m constantly being taped when crossing creeks, and now the cables as well, it appears I must defend myself.

FACT: I’ve NEVER slipped and fell in ANY creek when crossing cables, over the last 20 years of doing so.

FACT: I once, with Stosh, was left hanging from a cable when we tried to cross two at once, and the lower cable let go at the turnbuckle. A graceful plunge in two inches of water was endured by both of us.

FACT: ONCE, at least 10 years ago, if not more…when following Polecat I slipped on a frozen rock from his traverse, when it was -10, four miles from camp and my leg went in, which resulted in my pants freezing solid as armor. I proceeded to hunt, and actually dried out after a few hours of walking; as a matter of fact I think I hunted to the TOP of Twin Lake Mtn that day.

So…keep taping me as I cross the streams and cables…..wait till one of YOU falls in! 😉

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