Spring Hike 2011 A Success!

Well another hike is in the record books. The weather was great, the beer was cold, and our feet were sore. Seven rangers braved the expedition this year and earned badges I didn’t even know existed. We feasted on “tube steaks” at the ancient fire ring! Explored the cave and crawled all over Stay Away in search of new ways to attack it in the fall. Then we enjoyed beers in the sun while gazing upon Buck Mountain in the distance. We covered all that and still made it out before having to get the headlamps out!
As always, pictures coming soon…..! 🙂

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  1. See! Probie could have received his Tubesteak at the Ancient Fire Ring Badge, His F-Troop Spelunking Badge, his end of Stay Away in the Sun badge, and you forgot “other” badge….The “Pirate’s” badge! 😉

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