Hooter Hilton Grand Re-Opening!

Leaddog and trusty trail mutt Sophie, takes to the trails once again in what could be considered as “uncertain” weather. Driving up the hill from the dry flatland and some sun, into the monsoon’s of the Adirondacks it was apparent it was going to a wet day. An attempt to wake Digger from his “slumber” was made with no result….and the trailer appeared to be still on the jacks!

The trail was wet, as was Leaddog and his trail mutt. After climbing to the Hilton in IFR conditions the thought of viewing Stayaway in such conditions meant that a cleanup of the Hilton was now in order instead of going to the Scenic Vista. The roof was installed, (one more roof item needed to complete the project) crap cleaned up and so therefore, we are proud to announce the Reopening. Festivities were in order for the small gathering of attendees.

A saturated Leaddog and thoroughly soaked trusty trail mutt made a hasty retreat and found no representatives of F-troop in the “flatland”……but three cats were observed on Diggers camp clawing at the roof…. 😉

Photos to be posted as soon as Digger performs said task.

**Update** Photo’s are posted on Flickr: Leaddog’s Hike to The Hilton

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