2010 First Weekend Post Report

Saturday: Crew hunts over through Beaver Valley over Liz through the Knolls. Mules located in the Knolls and sent a’flyin to the East. No apparent bucks in the mix. Newbie learns the meaning of the watch, and performs quite well on his first drive. Voluminous sign of moose noted on Thumb trail!

Sunday: Crew anxiously awaits till rain begins to hunt “Bunny Hill”. Rain commences in fine fashion when crew is in woods. Mules once again a’flyin off hill in every direction except up. In the case regarding Probie, a flat-topped mule almost ran up his ass! 😉 Saturated crew watches in amazement as Probie extricates said mule from his innards, using a “doearectomy” which then continues on to parts unknown. Meanwhile a lone mule escapes rear of hunt, through back door past lone watcher. Next time TWO watchers will be posted at said location of escape.

Don’t forget to send any photos to Digger for compilation!

Den-mama sports new bumper sticker! 😮

Count to be updated from archives!

  • Bucks: 0
  • Does: ??
  • Flags: ??

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