Friday: Polecat, Leaddog and Robba hunts local mountain in search of mules. None found. What appears to be a cell phone tower is located, and has been determined to be a treestand at the top of the hill. Who would lug a steel framed unit all the way up there, when natural stands abound? Infiltrators. Hopefully signage left at said tower will be found by owner, before said unit become property of Ftroop, before the State of New Yorks claims it first!

Saturday: Crew forced on remote hunt. Crew questions sanity of Polecat. Crew has yet another cardiac stressing walk almost to Canada. Waypoints earned for GPS units. Headlamp batteries challenged on walk out.

Sunday: Crew hunts Bunny Hill, as always, does encountered at end of hunt but must have evesdropped on crew making plans the previous night, and informed buck, who most likely went to Canada via crews Saturday route.

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