Friday: Polecat, Leaddog, Steven and Lindy hunts near Arctic Circle, finds new and far away places to hunt mules that are nonexistent. Mule escape route found, and will now be part of next years walkabouts. Lindy has attained the most highest honor obtainable, being a member of the “FAMHC”. Steven without realizing, has now become the newest member of the elite volunteers; those to be placed on future watches beyond their will. Otherwise, No mules – nice day!

Saturday: Crew hunts Hooter Ridge and Liz. Polecat sees flattoped mule on first drive, possibly the only deer left in the Adirondacks. Crew is wonderd by how one solitary mule could make so many tracks. Pie Whore gets pat on back and a Root Beer for staying on watch for the entire day. Crew wonders how Spike did the same without passing out or eating Pie Whore…..

Sunday: Crew hunts Bunny Hills, without realizing they had company that hunts better than them. Said company had four legs and is dog like in apperance. Pie Whore confirms dog like creature by sighting, but not with his gun. Company gets away, along with any mules that were previously present.

WRAPUP: It has been reported that this year was uniformally crappy throughout the Adirondacks. Deer were taken, and some nice ones at that but overall most crews hunts resulted in the same conditions. Theories abound, no rut, late rut, early rut, winter kill, and even Obama somehow screwing things up….even in the woods! Next year Boys, Next year!

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