Friday: Polecat and Leaddog hunts ridges to the west, sign of mules increasing, no mules observed. Observed tent with chimney emitting smoke. “Interlopers” present somwhere in woods.

Saturday: Crew once again forced beyond their will to hunt far away lands, sign of mules also increases, as do signs of infiltators. Scrapes and such abound, with the infiltrator being spotted by Probie. After interrogation, it is learned that our secret backwoods hunting euphoria spot is called “Icicle Mountain”, by the interloper. How “Disneyesqe” this sounds for our favorite spot, images of duckies and bunnies swirl in our heads….. Later, Interloper then stumbles on F-troop enroute to exodus point, probably (hopefully) overhearing crew making fun of said name. Interloper again grilled, and sent on his way, hopefully to think about not returning to “STAYAWAY MOUNTAIN”, as named by Ftroop.

Sunday: Crew hunts local, then to Bunny Hill where Leaddog intercepts two does while approching his watch. Blowing does sent to notch, where others encounter said mules. As end of hunt approaches, Trailhugger heads to trail, via “backdoor” where he gets a brief visual on what appears to be not a duck, but a huge rack. No shots taken, El Mule de’ Grande goes back to notch, Ftroop retires due to end of day, vowing to return and harvest said beast.

Synopsis: The RUT is finally on!

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