Week Seven

Friday: Leaddog meets with Robba and crew nice and early to discover ingress to camp is blocked by snowplowed pile….Robba quickly removes said blockage and then blocks drive with new Chevy HD2500 truck. Comealongs and chains were then in order to remove said blockage, with newly formed Ftroop Roadcrew clearing way for others… 4 hours were needed to get into camp. Parking fees for latecomers were discussed. Roadcrew then hunts in two feet of Global Warming, with no results.

Saturday: Assemblage of idiots proceeds to hunt where no deer were, or will ever be for the remainder of this season. Some tracks observed.

Sunday: Crew hunts western bunny hill; tracks, beds and fresh sign abounds, deer sneak off hill and turns on cloaking devices, making them invisible to anyone.

Click Here for pic’s from the seventh weekend.

ATTENTION: A snowshoe workshop is scheduled for Saturday December 6, promptly beginning at noon. FAMHC members in good standing will be admitted with a substantial discount. Proper techniques and use of snowshoes will be discussed, with actual deployment on said equipment to be enjoyed , guns are optional. Sign up early!

Seventh Weekend

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