WeeK Six

Friday: Polecat and Leaddog hunts Beaver Valley to the top, then on to “a lake” to the west, where they find themselves at sunset, three miles from camp. A foot of snow was encountered, but no deer. Headlamps were a necessity to egress from the Big Woods.

Saturday: The crew finally hunts “over the top” in search of mules, Polecat encounters a big eight pointer, which he then gives a haircut to….a hunt to find said mule results in yet another egress from the Big Woods via headlamps, in the frigid cold. Ftroop considers sending Polecat to Barber School…. 🙂

Sixth Weekend

Sixth Weekend

Sunday: Due to consistant snow and cold, the crew hunts Camp Knob, where deer are actually pushed to a watcher, but were not sporting “headgear”. One Mule of undertermined type escapes the drive by sneaking through Digger and Leaddog, who were only 50 yards apart.

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