Very Minor Update!

I changed the header. WOW! I am still here kicking around. I am working on a few things, so hold tight. New stuff is coming. But you guys can still post about whatever you want to! A little more participation will get me to start working a little harder.

Leaddog is kinda maybe trying to plan a Snowshoe Expedtion. But I don’t know because he dosen’t POST anything! LOL 🙂 Come on Leaddog, you have a brand new mac in your house. You have NO excuses now!

I know you guys are out there looking, lurking. I don’t know what it is you are scared of!?! Just POST!

i reset the countdown so you can watch the seconds tick away here

Just 290 days, 6 hours, 17 minutes, and 21 seconds left until 2008 Opening day of Northern Zone Season!

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  1. Diggity, I think the reason no f trooper is posting is because the sign on page say’s the site is in the process of being updated. There is no easy spot on the opening page to sign on with.

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