New “Mule Extrication Device”

If anyone remembers, we discussed what would be a better item to skid said mules from the wayback….

I have in my possession the item for said device…I shall be working on it over the next few weeks. The “MED” will used by the “FART”s, next season. Stay tuned for details, and a photo!


9 Replies to “New “Mule Extrication Device””

  1. Document every step Leaddog! Take lots of photos! We will make up a How-To and then sell it on e-bay along with Ronnie’s Redneck Rotisserie! We’ll Be Rich!

    First Polecat loses his and blames you! Now you lose yours and you are blaming me! ME! I am going to start taking this personally! And I AM THE ADMIN OF THIS AND MANY OTHER SITES!?!
    Tread Lightly my Friend.

  3. I wasn’t accusing you my “Stayway Brah”….I was just letting those who know….know! 😉

    They’d fall right off yer bony ass anyways!!

    I have my suspicions….

  4. Calm down y’all. Don’t get your skivies in a bunch. Oh yah! You don’t have any skivies. I think there is a pack of mice runnin around Ron’s camp with a comfortable pair of underwear. Maybe you should check Ron’s oil can out in the shed.


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