Great Snowshoe Expedition of ’08

For those of you who are daring (stupid) enough….when the snow gets to the point of perfection…I’d like to assemble a gathering of dildo’s to go for a nice walk. Destination depends on how many are actually brave (stupid) enough to join said expedition. What I’d like to do is to make a thru hike starting from camp….up the hill….down the other side…through the LD’s….out to G-lake where a sled will be waiting to give us a ride to a preparked vehicle on the road. It’s about 8 miles….not as far as our usual hunts. We could then commondere Robba’s camp to “rest” 😉 after said expedition.

Any thought’s?

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  1. Yup. It is quiet. Everyones hiding! Especially after they read the following:

    It looks like supreme conditions are near….so get your excuses ready when we (ME) sets the date for the trek….it’s a piece of cake, up the hill, over the top, lunch ,through the LD’s, out through G Lake, back to camp and the aftertrek festivities?

    C’MON! As hobbit says: Ya big Baby!

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