News from the Duckblind!

Newsflash: From the west shore of Lake Champlain…..

Rumor has it that “Featherhugger” is drinking Merlot wine whilst touching peepees with his feathered friends! And we’re not talking about ducks! Last seen by a covert ECO who plys the local waters, said “yup, I seen ’em, sittin there in that blind, I’m not sure what sounds I overheard, but it sure wasn’t a duck call!”

Last seen, the “Featherhugger” was packing a “pink” pillow, KY lubricant and ice packs. It appears that’s not all he’s packing!

Unless he defends himself soon about these vicious rumors, it may get worse……STAY TUNED!

4 Replies to “News from the Duckblind!”

  1. Remember the ol’ saying: “Keep playing Duckhunter, And you will go BLIND!”

    Featherhugger does wear glasses! Coincidence? I think NOT!! 🙂

  2. Hi Where are the photos for diggity’s buck that we had to drag out of woods. How many of you guys had to call in sick because you’re wimps

  3. There is unquackable evidence that the viscous rumors that are displyed amongst these pages are unquackable lies. Treatherhugger is a dedicated dear hunter and has little to no interest in my furthered friends. The only call that I have is a bleat call that for some unknown reason sounds kinda like a duck. But maybe thats because I dropped it in the lake, I mean the beaver flow.
    I hope this testimonial puts to rest the complete untruths contained here on the esteemed Ftroop website.
    Quack, I mean happy huntin’ !!

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