Just Checking!!

I was browsing through some of the posts from last season and I came across this one: Fifth Weekend is a Success! and I was just wondering if The Traihugger read Leaddog’s comment:

AND he will compliment the 2 kegs of beer with a bottle of Martini mixin’s!!!

And if he is bringing the said “Mixin’s!!! You know, just in case you guy’s forgot, he didn’t go with the extraction team that Sunday to retrieve said bear. I’m not trying to start anything….

I’m Just Checking!


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  1. It was like when Slug was looking for the deer that Polecat got a number of years ago…..by the time Slug got to the spot, there was nothing left but a gut pile and tracks heading back to camp….


    By the time ‘ol Feather Hugger made it to the Hilton, he had to turn around and hike back down the mountain!!!!

    yuk yuk yuk …..

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