Diggity Loses Mind, Joins FAMHC, Shoots Buck, Earns Many Badges!


From the backside of Stayaway Mountain: Friday 11-02-2007 1:30pm EST

Diggity decides to join the esteemed FAMHC, goes with MEN to the sacred lands of the beyond. With Diggers hand held, Leaddog places him on the most supreme of watches, in the middle of nowhere. Leaddog sits appx 100yds away, and less than 30 minutes later the beast is pushed off the hill by the Toucher, right into the lap of Diggity, who then dispatched said creature with one shot….

The grin on diggers face can still be seen….as well as the bump in his pants! First buck for Digger, and not a southern zone basket either! Photo’s to be posted, as soon as he can sit at the computer!!!

Many badges were earned by all:

Digger: Cross the Creek badge
Sunset from Hooter Ridge badge
First FAMHC Buck badge
Farthest Buck from Camp badge

plus many basic requirements…..

Toucher: Sunset from Hooter Ridge badge

plus many basic requirements…..

Leaddog: Ate all his Badges while stomping up and down 100 yds from Digger!

Ftroop Animal Recovery Team (FART): A first…never has there been that many Ftroopers “Across the Creek” at one time…most likely the last too!

Stay tuned for more details!

3 Replies to “Diggity Loses Mind, Joins FAMHC, Shoots Buck, Earns Many Badges!”

  1. i can only DREAM of being a FART….way to go anyways diggity, and i WILL stay tuned for those details.


  2. Be careful what you wish for Wolf! Being a member of “FART” comes with a price. But if you really want to join, we are always accepting applications. Stop dreaming and start HUNTING!! Make yer Dad-Dad proud!

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