Spring Hike – Update


Polecat has sent visual conformation of the current conditions of basecamp. These were taken on Apr 17 2015. Doesn’t look good up there. If and when we do embark on this years hike, all present are sure to earn the coveted Black Fly Badge.


Has there been a destination chosen yet for this year spring hike? Also when will said hike take place?


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  1. If and when the white shit melts we are going to Twin Lake to make a camp site and while on the way there cut some browse on the side of Stay Away. Maybe drown a worm if the ice is off.
    Tentative dates are April 18 & 19, May 2 & 3 or 23 & 24 (3 w/e) Thats our window

  2. Just found out May 2 & 3 is out for me. We have a AAA bus trip to go to the 911 memorial in NYC that day (May 2)

  3. Its changed again. May 23 & 24 is the start of Memorial Day (25) week end and I’m sure you dildo’s will want to spend it it with your families.
    Lets make it June 2 & 3. By this date the bugs should be out to be enjoyed by all.
    Let me know.

  4. I believe 5/30 – 5/31 is the only weekend that we can do it.
    Via email from Polecat on Tuesday, April 07, 2015 8:36 AM:

    “Apr. 18 & 19 out To much snow and the next 7 day weather from today not warm enough to melt it. But anything can happen.

    Apr 25 & 26 out My 4H banquet

    May 2 & 3 out My AAA trip

    May 9 & 10 out Mothers day w/e

    May 16 & 17 out My clam bake at our snowmobile club

    May 23 & 24 out Start of Memorial Day w/e

    May 30 & 31 OK Let me know of your wishes

    June 6 & 7 out My AAA trip

    June 13 & 14 out My 100 party at our snowmobile club

    So this is it, now the bugs and leaves are out.

    Only on w/e window and weather permitting is May 30 & 31


  5. WE walked in this past friday the 17th. Still to much snow. Pictures to follow.
    Looks like May 30 & 31 Maybe Bugs and leaves to greet us.

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