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  1. Maybe this latest weather will pull the rug out from under Den MaMa’s snowmobiling season and send it straight into mud season. 🙂 Then maybe he will get of the http://www.ilsnow.com forums and post a little something on this site. There are questions which need answers. Where, when, why are we going on a spring hike! 🙂

  2. I had them disabled for awhile. Back on now. 🙂 If you other guy’s want a picture(gravatar) next to your username, just head over to http://en.gravatar.com/ and sign up. It’s cheap as free. Just upload a picture, attach the picture to your desired email address, and that’s it. Then any site you use that email address on and they support gravatars, your picture will show up.

  3. Via email from Polecat

    Send it on. I lost my F troop group e-mail list. By the looks of the amount of snow on the ground up to camp. We might be waiting into May for our spring hike. But then anything can happen.

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