Nope – almost!
Saturday: The core crew is assembled once again to pound the mountain rock to grains of soil. A rather local hill is targeted, with three drivers sent to push mules to the awaiting crawlers and watchers on the other end. Much sign is observed, scrapes, rubs and other mule related items. Just an hour or so in the drive, one shot is heard in the area of the once tagged “Bloody Bugger” (as Noah Rondeau would call those who haven’t bagged a mule yet). Excitement runs through the two lower watchers as an eternity passes before a report. Probie gets a shot at a mule up high, and a big one at that! His one time chance is over, perhaps. This is the first time this much mule is seen this early, must be the warmy-changy thing! All wind up at the end in the right spots with nothing more to show.

Sunday: The crew now attacks the other local hill, sign once again abounds, as did the mules form the area. All converges to the notch (is this the notch?) to the waiting watchers. A particular situation has occurred, as a semi-council is held by the Toucher and Leaddog. Just how did Probie wind up in a choice Leaddog watch, (that Leaddog hasn’t seen since he shot a mule from it, which is a whole other story); and missed the Saturday mule? So much for the “You’re a driver for the rest of your natural life” as said by the Polecat – problem is, seems like everyone finally bagged a mule! Well sort of we still have Junior to watch the 25 square miles of Happy Hunting Grounds – all by himself! ;-O

The coming Friday is the first FAMHC hunt, which will be a solo event by the Leaddog……yuk-yuk!

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