Work Weekend 2019!

The end of the month is coming fast boys, the leaves are changing, days getting shorter and colder! What wonderful woodsy related activities will our Den MaMa have in store for us this time? Will the Trailhugger make an appearance? The plan is to meet at the ‘Bow Friday night, throw our money around, let the Den MaMa do his social butterflying and then head to camp to place it in “Mule Mode”. Hopefully we won’t have the warmy-changy conditions encountered during last year’s season, so we’ll have to pray and send carbon taxes to Al Gore for relief instead of FYB winnings going to the camp!

Chicken and ribs is the main course for Saturday’s feast, let’s hope that the feathers are off the chicken….and the dirt is off the potatoes as well! We need to revive and implemet the newly tested and beloved redneck smoker from last year that worked so well….

Then there’s Probie…..

See you at the ‘Bow!!!

4 Replies to “Work Weekend 2019!”

  1. Dildo
    You are definitely going to Gitshie Gomey. Bring your hiking boots. I got a plan. Dr. Pork might come this year. No Probie. He’s playing the good Dad at the university at Pittsburgh. Havent heard from Limdy or Robba yet. As far as the Hobbit, I would’nt count on him anymore.
    PS The Hobo hut is up and it works. We got chased under almost every week end this summer..

  2. Thanks for the pic and mention! I remember stopping there and praying to keep us all safe and contemplating the days “festivities”! I miss it and y’all! Good luck this year!

  3. I do not have White Tines syndrome! Never have! However that theory got started it’s simply wrong! I simply cannot get up the hills anymore and instead of putting myself through that painful deficit I am doing stuff I can do!
    Thanks for thinking of me, I do miss chasing them mules in dem dar hills!

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