A beautiful weekend!

Driveway cleared, firewood split and stacked, woods cleansed, watches set. The gang gets it all done, and now awaits daylight on 10-26 to begin the yearly chase. Will the Toucher finally get his own mule this season? He’s been oh-so gracious in providing mules for others, 😉 that it may be time for something bigger then a ten for the Touch. We’ll see!

Digger celebrates his TWENTIETH (20) year with the gang – so those things that were 20 years old then…..

Hobbit make his debut, and hopefully will return again. Send in those pictures so the Digger can memorialize this years efforts, including tube steaks at the Hilton and F-troop’s fine bar-b-qued smoked ribs and chicken.

See you all in a few weeks!

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