Yup – Thursday! A subcommittee of the FAMHC, bands together to form the new entity: Professional Thursday! Ages ago, the gang would join for a week of hunting during election week. Since this has long since passed, a new club has been chartered. Three arrives early to hunt on the “off day”, Polecat stays at camp to meet the dish TV guys, which incidentally finally worked out, and Toucher and Leaddog hit the woods for adventure. Toucher goes to his watch, then declares that he’s going to Piney Knob later in the day, to meet Leaddog from up high on Liz. Leaddog heads up top, to the area where many rubs were seen last year, and the making of new ones last week. Upon arrival at the AOI, no less than ten rubs were now present, with a large scrape and licking branch as well. While collecting a photo, Leaddog notices that he has cell service way out there….what follows beats the crap out of asking for meatloaf recipes as in the past. The photo is sent to Digger, who’s working 75 miles away. When Digger actually receives the text and replies, Leaddog gets an idea – since plans have now changed on his egress from the back country. The Toucher is awaiting Leaddog’s arrival from Liz, but a new route is considered. How to alert Toucher that plans have changed….IDEA! Leaddog texts Digger, to call camp, to tell Polecat to radio to Toucher that plans have changed. IT WORKS! Toucher is now free to roam the woods! Meanwhile, back in the woods Leaddog pussyfoots less than 100 yards from the rubs following what appears to be fresh mule tracks. While taking 0.5 seconds to look where to place the next few steps, he jumps a very large bodied mule who’s apparently making said tracks. The mule stops behind a small stand of spruce, and with one step from Leaddog it quietly but quickly disappears onto the Thumb. That may have been the beast we’re looking for…..

The FAMHC reconvenes, with now Polecat, Digger and Chip getting the required CHU’s for membership.
All converge on a local hill, in the 30mph winds with below zero windchill, and snow. Polecat kicks two out of beds on the warm side of the hill, with nothing being sent to Toucher. What a miserable day in the woods on the cold sides of the hills it was – but hunt we must! A last push of the Duck Hole results in nothing seen, heard or even could be lied about.

A full compliment of Rangers are present, and off we go up the valley towards the Meadows and back again over Liz. Lots of sign is observed, feeding everywhere. Not one mule is seen, where are they now? Has the multitude of Bears present made the girls jumpy, and creating havoc amongst the crew?
All returns finally to camp, where steaks and adult beverages are consumed.

As always, the Bunny hill is the Sunday target. Robba leaves to do fatherly duties, and all disperse as usual. Leaddog somehow gets shanghaied once again and is now a driver up top, who pushes a doe out between Toucher and himself. Does run into the notch, almost leaving a hoof print on the sitting Digger forehead! Chips sees does as well from LEADDOGS WATCH. Not a bad spot there, eh Chip!?
Part two results in the Toucher/Leaddog wrecking crew pushing mules to the others, with one mule escaping to the right, right to where Piewhore likes to sit sometimes. A big track was left as a reminder who it may have been….Piewhore swears to sit there next time – the same spot where he took a nice buck a few years back! Should-a-would-a-could-of.


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  1. Where should I start? 1. That is good gravy. Don’t throw out the gravy. 2. Lead Dog, you look very cold in that picture. 3. DishTV, about time. 4. Is that sausage gravy? Don’t throw it out. 4. New TV, nice. 5. I give up. I see more deer staying home. I had a spike horn in my front yard Friday morning. On Saturday, a nice 8-pointer walked across the road in front of me as I drove home from the Lacrosse tourney. Correction, he strutted across the road mocking me with his bountiful rack glimmering in the sun light. I should have had my son joust him with his 6 foot lacrosse stick. 6. Bernie looks defeated. Stop taking his money. 7. Did I mention the gravy?

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