2017 – WEEK TWO!

Leaddog arrives early to an empty camp, and the beginning of what could be a stellar day in the woods. The FAMHC is open for business, with only one charter member in good standing in attendance. A trek off to the top is in order to assess the presence (or not) of mules in the area of interest. Little sign is seen until spotted within the area of interest from last year, a nice rub is present in the exact area where a multitude of rubs were observed from last year. A watch was set, with nothing appearing in said area. A walk out through Beaver Valley back to camp resulted in nothing but calories being burned.

A crew of eight is assembled, with the Toucher arriving yet again in the dark to attempt to meet with Mr. Monster. As all departs to hunt nowhere near Toucher, he claims that he would like to move later in the day and join the gang. The crew hunts from Camp Knob and Valley towards the School Bus Watch, where Steven pushes a big bodied mule from his watch, which of course ran towards the Meadows where no one was present. All finally meets with the watchers, they cross the creek and a U-turn is performed and all hunts back towards the Painted Marker Trail – where the Toucher is on watch. An interesting development occurs, as the waiting Toucher is once again harassed by the Big Mean ‘ol Bear! How did the Toucher get found, yet again – by his “friend” over a mile away from the usual spot? The crew thinks something is going on between the two, sort of like in the old song “Me and Mrs’ Jones” – were they got a thing,….going on.

“Me and Mrs. Bear,
We got a thing goin’on
We both know that it’s wrong
But it’s much too strong
To let it go now…..”

Waking up to a reported rain event of three to five inches of to take place, the crew leaves early to get out of the woods before they’re stuck there. Next week, boys, next week!!


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  1. So much for having good luck when Digger and Probie aren’t there. I think the bears have a man crush on Toucher.

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