2017 – WEEK ONE!

Welcome back Toucher!
Welcome back Toucher!

A crew of eleven gathers the eve prior, in tropical conditions at the Happy Hunting Grounds to begin this years pursuit of mules. The Toucher is already up, dressed for battle, eating toast in the darkness as other Ftroopers hit the pizz-porch. He’s on the trail in “inky blackness of night” (is that still ok to say, lurking PC crowd?) to his watch up high in the amber waves of grain, where he sat on station till almost dusk. Others attempt to get mules moving in the general vicinity thereof, with once again the “Big Mean ‘ol Bear” running right by the motionless (frozen in fear) Toucher. Apparently, the bear and Toucher have something going on, this is a constant replay – how many times will the Big Mean ‘ol Bear harass him? So far, the Big Mean ‘ol Bear has Touchers bullets, a nice warm head sock, and who knows what else? Maybe some snacks are in order……

The gang pushes about ten-thousand six point chipmunks about, with no mules seen. All goes back to camp to feast on mule steaks with all of the usual trimmings.

The crew wakes to another warm day, with an attack on one of the Bunny Hills – which included the Toucher this time! Leaddog is promptly kicked out of his watch, where a five pointer was recently bagged by him, which was now to be occupied by Chip. Those who lurk/troll at this site may see a pattern here – everytime Leaddog bags a buck, he never is allowed to go back to that watch. (which seems to work in Leaddog’s favor, so far three in a row!) The gang climbs and pushes towards the waiting watchers, a mule is seen (heard) by both Polecat and Leaddog which was 30 feet in between them! Up the hill it went to give it’s salutations to the others. A doe walks into Chip early on (who’s occupying a very nice watch), with other mules appearing and disappearing as fast as a plate of “hourse-de-overs” by Spike. Finally, a mule with headgear walks up to Probie….it’s the spikehorn who has his mugshot on record. Incredible restraint is practiced by Probie, this is not the buck he’s looking for, and it very well may be the last buck he ever sees! Next time Probie!

To end, Leaddog has a new watch and will be solo this Friday! 😉


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