Spring Hike 2017

Dates to be determined by the snow melt for the driveway to thaw. Rain or Shine

I can only go on April 29/30, May 6/7, May 20/21

Robba wants to finish the hooter hilton.  I’ll bring two pieces of aluminum  36″ X 10 ft. from the side wall of my old pool for a permanent roof.  I’ll paint them camo so Raven (Jerry) will be happy if he ever shows up again.

You will eat the dogs of death that I saved from huntin season.  I will buy new rolls.  The rolls from huntin season turned blue.  I could have cut out the blue but there would’nt be enough roll to cover about a half a dog.  Your lucky

I had 4 back straps smoked for snacks.  I sampled a few slices and boy is it good..

Bring your own beer and gin.  I have SoCo in camp and some Jack from huntin season.

The sick lame and lazy are welcome to come and play cards and hang out with the Hobbit and Pie Whore.  You may have to go with the Hobbit for cheese burgers.  The Ox Bow is closed til May 12  for renovations but Haskells down past Nobolsboro will be open. Or I’ll bring some mule to grind up and make your own burgers

Your loving Den Ma Ma


4 Replies to “Spring Hike 2017”

  1. I won’t be able to go May 15th or later due to the wife’s hip operation on the 15th.

  2. Dildos
    Looks like 29/30 is out. Carpo Tunnel surgery tomorrow. I will be to sore. We will try for May 5/6. Unless its pouring. If prediction is 50 % or less, WE GO.
    Send me an e -mail if you can make the dates left. So far its Me, Leaddog, Digger, Toucher, Pie Whore, Chip and Spike

  3. So….

    Are we in for the weekend of the 6th? Sounds like the best date for all, with no death march scheduled….except for the dogs of death of course!

  4. Today is the 6th and its pouring up in Piseco. They got 2 inches of rain in the last 24 hours and its still predicted to rain off and on today and tomorrow.
    Looks like we go on May 20/21 rain or shine. My carpo wrist will be all healed and ready for the hike or hold up my mug. Which if it pours, we’ll be doing a lot of.

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