Can you believe it? Only 100 days until we begin the pursuit of happiness! Let’s get some traffic going here on the site and discuss our excitement – or lack thereof!

3 Replies to “100 DAYS UNTIL NZ OPENING DAY!”

  1. Only 72 until WWE 2017!
    Polecat is quietly doing a small sample poll of members to get their feelings on switching brands of swill for a 20% – 30% savings per swill container. I believe we consume around 9 swill containers/season so this could be a significant savings to the kitty. So much so that maybe we could see the exorbitant FYB tax reduced! This of course is all speculation. We will have to wait and hear from the Den MaMa.

  2. Right now we can buy Miller Lite for $80.00 bucks a barrel. A $20.00 dollar saving over Bud Lite and you’ll still be able to shit thru a needle at 20 paces. Lite has less calories and carbs for you dildos that are worried about your sow belly. Also every 4th keg will be considered free at this price.
    So far we have we have 5 dildos that like the idea. This is almost the majority needed.

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