WEEK THREE! – 2016

The second meeting of the FAMHC was held, with three members present for continued certification in the esteemed club. One of said members still has issues to be resolved, as will be discussed in depth further in this report. Toucher gets to his watch in the sky at dark and awaits for the beast of his dreams to appear. Leaddog shows up, and hits the backside of Beaver Valley and up to the area known as the “wet spot” – aka “the little black hole”. Probie shows up a little later (said member with issue) hunts through the Razorback area. Scrapes are observed, rubs here and there but no mules are pushed or seen. Up by the Spider Tree, which is a well known navigational waypoint Leaddog finds yet another motherlode of mushrooms! Filling a full grocery bag of the delectable delights, which weighed 8lbs plus thus filling his pack and adding more weight than desired, he asked for assistance from Probie to help transport the ‘shrooms out. A flat denial to assist was transmitted to Leaddog, who then (as leader, president and chief of said esteemed club) had to endure four additional miles of climbing and bushwhacking with the added weight on his back. Probie should consider getting a tattoo ”Probie for Life” somewhere placed on his person, since a lifetime achievement award has been earned. Sunday’s soon to be discussed endeavor with Probie proves that the tattoo ink should be sent to the bone. All departs the woods, and more scrapes are now present than before when the day started.

A gang of 13 is now assembled and a major push of a particular hill is in order. Watchers are placed, and drivers have their orders. Fog hides the woods creating a task for some of those drivers with technological deficiencies. All gets into place and drive one commences, with no mules seen or heard of. Scrapes and rubs abound, some new and some old – where is the maker of these signs? Part two of the day has about the same results, and Lindy actually sees two fe-mules! A quick part three just wears the gang out, so all trudges back to camp to enjoy mule steaks; with fresh free range, antibiotic free mushrooms to boot!

Followers of this site are quite aware of what usually occurs on Sunday, especially after spending two days in mule heaven. Why hunt where the probability of seeing the monster mule is best? No, as usual all are dispersed to hunt a hill nowhere near the area of interest of the last two days. The gang is sent to their usual places with NO results, not even Toucher’s dates are present. Where did they go to? Winter kill, coyotes, alien abduction…..what gives? We always run into Toucher’s dates, but none in the last two weeks! During the hunts pre-preparation it was conveyed that Leaddog should give up his watch to Probie…..which was not to be had. During watcher placement however, Probie seems to be in the general area of Leaddog, who then graciously, and reluctantly asks the Probie if he would like to man said watch and Leaddog would go up the hill. Yet another denial from Probie was given, and even better Leaddog found some ‘shrooms that could have made it all better, if Probie carried them back to camp. Nope – Probie shall always be Probie….Junior and Robba finds another motherlode of mushrooms – Junior gets his ‘shroom badge!

Stay tuned for week four – “Ftroop gives up hunting and becomes gatherers!”

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