WEEK TWO – 2016


The first deployment of the FAMHC results in Leaddog, Robba, Steven and Polecat receiving their CHU’s as mandated in the secret club’s charter. The fresh snow of the night’s prior warmy-changy event resulted in 3 to 4 inches of tracking media. Leaddog heads out solo, soon to be joined by Robba and Steven, and takes the low route through the Knolls heading up to the area of the 10pt watch. A big track is observed heading in the wrong direction, as always. The members of the esteemed club formulates a plan, and hunts to where no deer are, as evidenced by the increasing amount of snowed in old tracks. The gang hunts the other side of the duck hole over “the little one” and back to camp with no success.

A well assembled crew wakes to rain, which now combined with the snow makes walking any distance to where the gang really wanted to hunt, out of the question. The rain holds off, and a plan is made – watchers up to Camp Knob. And the drivers to the Meadows to push back. The crew splits, all gets to their starting points and the rain actually held off! Usually at this point the deluge commences in fine fashion!
Toucher, Leaddog and Polecat drives, with Polecat taking yet again the Canadian route. Toucher sees two does vacating the area, and many track abound. Leaddog is perplexed by the cadence of said tracks, over logs, through blowdown, in the blow down, on top of the blowdown; what gives? No coyote pressure, feeding or alien presence was observed creating such a panic. Chip sees a pair of does on his way to his watch, Steven sets up in Camp Valley on the edge of the infamous, perilous “800’ cliff;” and Lindy goes high on Hooter Ridge. Digger and Robba are the roaming fielders, poking about here and there. The Piewhore stays low and guards the coming night’s dessert, as only the Piewhore can do!
The drive comes together, with the Polecat finally joining the crew after yet another brief encounter with the Canadian border patrol…. Leaddog finds Steven, and then is shown to him what may be the contributing factor of why the does down low were all in a tizzy! No less the 15 aggressive scrapes were observed, with much damage to the surrounding flora. Either the mule was digging for truffles or attempting to contact China, the ruts made by his digging were collecting water! The does were being harassed by the Mr. Wiener of bucks, but they didn’t want to play – just yet. Part two of the drive towards Piney Knob resulted in many rubs found, so there’s a mule of size operating in the general area without the proper permits. Permitting is a must!! On the way out, Robba earns his mushroom badge – by locating yet another motherload of the delicious delicacies – which was once again consumed with mule steaks!

The usual drive behind camp is performed, why go and hunt where the deer are!? All takes their prescribed stations, and all does what they do best – climb the hills! No mules were seen, and the rain commences just in time to soak the left overs – who incidentally finally moved the unused treestand to a much better spot, which most likely will be continued to be unused.
Next week – “Permitting” of mules!

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