Robba bags 175lb 9 pointer with 15′ spread on Saturday, Leaddog bags 150lb 10 pointer with 17.5″ spread on Sunday.

Details to follow, after the “webmaster” posts photos from week three. There WAS enough time to work on the web….. 


Toucher arrives at camp in the pouring rain, lights a fire then leaves for his watch. Leaddog shows up soon after – the rain ceases and now high winds and dropping temperatures prevail. Robba and the Polecat joins the two, and all hits the Duckhole and Piney Knob. Lindy gets in the mix, all earn their CHU’s and are now in good standing in the FAMHC. Not one mule is seen or even smelled of. Toucher declares he’s reached ambient temperature and needs to move, and all moves to the beer –which is now fresh and not frozen! During one of many midnight to dawn visits to the piss porch, Leaddog is startled by a zombie like apparition hugging the garbage can – the Toucher was purging his body from the evil spirits that were residing in him, like seen in a Native American ceremony. Perhaps this will change our luck?!

A crew of thirteen is present, and a plan is set. All disperses to the area of two week ago, where all the deep rutted scrapes were found, and cataloged. Watchers go into and around Camp Valley, drivers head up to Hooter Ridge to start the drive. Four drivers push an area the size of Texas, and appear to push some mules about, based on the several thousand tracks seen. The drivers finally get to their end points, with Chip and Robba crisscrossing paths, due to Chip’s inherent ability to travel down-hill when instructed to stay on the elevation, which wasn’t a bad thing after all – this time. Robba climbs high to the base of Camp Knob and encounters one of “The bucks we were looking for”. Two shots were heard, and the declaration of “Brown is Down”! Nine points, 15” spread and 175lbs of mule is ours! Of course Leaddog and Steven were on the trail, 700 feet below Robba in elevation. Toucher, who was working on seven cylinders on bad fuel due to the purging ceremony, meets Robba and Lindy and proceeds to haul the beast out of the woods. Polecat and Chip runs to retrieve the buck cart and all is well, arriving back at camp just in time to see the sun set!

Sunday: “Darrin’s Deer, Darrin’s Deer!?”
A hunt for beast two is set – all is fired up from the kill of Saturday. A local hill is the target, with Toucher once again hitting his watch. As he approaches he pushes a large bodied deer from his spot. The rest of the gang gets to their watches, with drivers going to the other side of the hill to push. Robba and Poledog climbs high, with Leadcat to push the lower shelf. Dogpole waits for the climbers to get to their starting spots, waiting for Catlead to give the go ahead. After 40 minutes of waiting, Leadpole sees an apparition emanating from the end of the mountain. Dogcat then fires at the beast with headgear hitting it! Leadcat who is high on the hill now has to return with Robba to help chase the hit mule, if needed. The two drivers meets the marksman, and after only 50 yards the beast is found dead, sporting 10 points, 17.5” spread and 150lbs. Sorry Toucher……

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