WEEK ONE – 2016

The gang gathers the night prior for yet another fun filled season of chasing mules across the lands. All awakens to the first round of warmy-changy currently in liquid phase mode and departs for a “close hunt.” Layers of Gore-Tex are donned, and all are dispersed to test this miracle fabric once again. One team is driven by the driver to the end of the objective, with watchers sneaking to their haunts. The Toucher proceeds to his “fields of amber waves of grain”, to commence what may be another waiting game for the certain buck. Leaddog mans his watch where a fine seven pointer was once bagged and dragged, Spike to his watch and the Pie Whore to his watch – which once again was close to the pies! Chip goes to Greenie’s Rock to relive the kill of last year – which weighed in at almost 1552 ounces!

Drivers begin the push, observing two scrapes. Polecat climbs to his starting point, up “the purple mountains majesty” with Robba and Steven start from theirs, and then the liquid phase of warmy-changy turns promptly into the semi-solid phase known as: SNRAIN. Leaves abound, which in conjunction with the SNRAIN makes seeing anything, including any objective that was to be reached by the drivers, now to be a feat of woodsmanship. All finds each other and departs towards the warm dry camp to discuss why they even went out and got all that high dollar space age fabric wet in the first place. No mules were seen or heard laughing at the soaked crew.

On the way out – Polecat sees a few mushrooms and declares we are now mushroom hunters. Steven is briefed on the correct species of said shrooms to find, which he did in 4.2 seconds! A FULL shopping bag of the delicacy was collected, and consumed with Saturday nights mulefeast!

The crew wakens to the now snow covered hills with gale force winds. The days hunt is planned and all disperse to their spots in the woods as planned. Drivers and watchers climb high into the snow covered hills, some stay low. Leaddog sees a small doe on the way up the hill, and finds his watch. Steven covers the other side of the hill, with other watchers now in their place as well. Robba spanks a coyote on the way in, and the drive commences. All performs the usual push with no results. Polecat and Digger finds the Leaddog in his watch, and then commences part two of the drive. All works their way towards camp, with Polecat seeing two does. After the prescribed lag, Leaddog climbs straight up the hill and stumbles into a large bodied deer at the top – where the drive just went through just 20 minutes prior. Said deer as always, was traveling in the opposite direction of the drive. The crew arrives at camp, with no antlered mule in their possession.

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