4 Replies to “81 DAYS!”

  1. Only 45 days til WWE 2016!!
    It has been brought to my attention by a rock solid source that an illegal Wood transaction may have taken place recently. Den MAMA has been implicated as being involved. This WWE a council will be assembled to further investigate and pass judgment.


  2. It’s coming fast!

    I was also privy to the “rock solid source” about the theft of our organic, free-range, transgender-free, firewood.

    Council will determine the fate of the alleged guilty party, who will still be “in on the beer” based on reduced consumption of such. 😉

  3. Our camp fund is now $45.00 dollars richer. Our Jen needed camp fire wood (face cord) and I needed a dude to polish the rocks around the camp and drive way. (bad neck) Boy do they shine. I think I’ll charge F Troop for a new set of blades. Her Rob has a chain saw but I think he’s afraid to use it.
    Your Loving Den Ma Ma

  4. Also (pictures to come) F Troop now has a food plot where Toucher has built a new camp. Now he has to figure out how to get the keg up there. Wait till you see this. I told him to get the pics to Digger to put on the web ste.

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