Spring Hike A Success!

We found the bottom of an old boot!

Here’s the link to pics on Flickr  Spring Hike 2016

Ok, I was waiting for Nick to send me more photos before I posted, but anyway…..

12 FToopers gather for the annual spring hike, with the intent to find some poor loggers grave and rob him of his gold tooth. That being said, and the fact that any logger with a gold tooth may have lost it in a poker game, the outlook looked grim to bolster the camp fund with precious metals. The crew hikes up the mountain and down the other side to the playground and area of interest. At the 4 mile mark, the crew splits – sending the Denmama and associated miners in one direction to find treasures of yesteryear. The other crew heads to the shores of a lovely lake to finally launch the “SS Willitfloat”, which in fact did! Not wanting to endanger the main leading elder hunting crew, it decided by counsel to possibly forfeit the youngsters and send them out to test the vessel and be the first to float the waters of interest. Why place those with institutional knowledge of the lands in danger, we can always make more youngster if needed! A recon of the lake was made, with the gang getting their “I found yet another old hunting camp” badge.

All went well with the maritime crew, but what about the “miners at the well” crew? After a march to the well, the prospectors were found as where they should have been, with a fire ready for another wonderful tube steak lunch, which were incidentally this years vintage! Consuming the tube steaks, so we don’t have to eat them in 6 months after yet another refreeze, the results of the mining operation was revealed. It appears that no skulls with gold teeth were found, but a sole from a shoe was unearthed – and thank God no foot bones were in it! Other useless artifacts of yesteryear were found, and left as they were.

A march out to waiting beer and beastloaf resulted in a rebuild of the Hilton V6.0. Follow up construction is required, and a spot to get out of the rain/snow/snrain is almost complete.

A good time was had by all – Yes Dear; by all!


3 Replies to “Spring Hike A Success!”

  1. No comments, cause all of F troop was there except for YES DEAR.
    I’m disappointed cause we did’nt find a human skull by the well. There’s got to be more treasure in that area, besides the few nails and a boot sole.
    So now you know. When you dildoes are hunting back there you are ordered start kicking around any depression near the well. And we will be back there again.
    I think for work week end the project for the year is getting the Hooter Hilton completed.
    Screw the drive way. We lose 4 guys to the drive way every year. We can hit it on Sunday.
    I’ll take 4 guys up thru Beaver Valley, down the Escape Route, by the Butcher Block and come up to the Hilton. 2 can peel off at the Spider Tree and clean the trail out to the Hilton.
    And of course, The dreaded hot dog roast at the Hilton. You all will love it. THATS AN ORDER.
    Den Ma Ma

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