From the Denmama:

April 30. You all got his email…..Toucher was informed via text.

So far:

Chip the soon to be Truck Driver – ten-fur!

10 Replies to “SPRING HIKE 2016 SCHEDULED!”

  1. Pie Whore does’nt know yet
    Probie sez up Sat AM if all goes well at his sons base ball game friday nite before so I got two question marks from these guys.

  2. I might be joining the soco sluts but only as a trainee until I’m ready for full membership.

  3. There have not been any full memberships since we left Johnsburg and I had to buy the property where we are now.
    The only original true life members left are Me, Hobbit and Tobias. The rest have either croaked or quit.
    All you Dildos are concidered guests and can be asked to leave F Troop in disgrace if you turn out to be a worse Dildo or shitty hunter cause you were brought there by one of our proven hunters that manage to kill a deer once in awhile. When they look up.
    Even though all are really guests we will vote on this if we have to.
    Your loving Den Ma Ma
    PS Dont worry Chip, you happened to look up and actually shot a buck. You seemed to have proved to us that you are paying better attention to what we’re all there for. Swilling Beer and turning into mountain goats in the morning. YOUR IN

  4. YES DEAR and Trail Hugger are out. As of this date it looks like Me, Lead dog, Digger, Toucher and Chip are committed.

  5. I was up there yesterday and the black flies were out. They don’t have their teeth yet but they were pretty thick for a few hours.

  6. “YES DEAR and Trail Hugger are out……”

    Perhaps he could be rebranded as “What Deer?” next season??!!

    Those black flies must not be the liberal black flies if their teeth aren’t out yet….plus I think they should be renamed too – that’s racist and not PC ya know!

  7. The little black devils will probably be out this week end. At least in the afternoon after it warms up. Week end weather looks good.

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