All Booze Purchased

Polecat sweeps all medals in the SoCo Olympics!


We are good to go for Work Week End 2016.  We were in New Hampshire this past Monday and got the booze.

As was stated in my e-mail to you Dildos, I bought 5 jugs of Bombay Original.  One each for Lead Dog, Robba, Steve, Trail Hugger and Probie.  So dont buy any.  I got the BomBay for $28.99 each, the Jack for $35.99 and the SoCo for $21.99 each.

Your Den Ma Ma


PS This coming week end of April 2 is out for the hike.  Rain predicted for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  April 30 is looking better as we have 3 Dildos that can go on this date.  Rain or Shine

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