Camp Creek
Camp Creek



Leaddog arrives to earn his FAMHC CHU’s to a closed camp, Robba was found waiting for a item to store his snowmobiles in – which didn’t show up until late afternoon. Polecat soon arrives, but doesn’t earn any FAMHC CHU’s as well. Five more Friday’s remain in which to earn the required CHU’s.

Leaddog hunts somewhat local, (earning required CHU’s) but the leaves that still remain hampers the views. A few scrapes were observed, but no mules. Robba informs the crew that he will not join the gang in the weekend hunt – he has to put his kid on the school bus! 😉


The crew (without Robba) hunts familiar territory, not all that far from camp! More scrapes are found, but now in the mix is a rub on a telephone pole sized tree! The hills are combed for the maker, but no mule who made such is seen. All bets say that if Robba was indeed present, there may have been a chance to connect with said mule. This should place Robba in Taz mode……

A fine fare of mule steaks and yet another “Class A Probie Approved Gravy” was consumed by those present.


The gang awakens to yet another installment of three inches of partly cloudy. Since there was much sign of a monster beast that was found on Saturday, the gang is directed to hunt elsewhere. As in the past, why – we will never know.

Four (not three!) attacks the hills, with two being placed on watch. Polecat sees a big flag Digger up top in the notch has a miniature doe looking for teets to suckle, practically jump in his pack. Leaddog takes Robbas route, and sees nothing. The last hour of the hunt resulted in everyones gear getting a soak test.

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  1. Mmmmm!! Graaaaavy!! My shit came out slicker than an oil change the next day. Got some internal lubing.

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