F-Troop 2014
F-Troop 2014


Arriving to yet another installment of climate change, the crew warms up camp and heads off to the local hills of last weeks interest. Polecat and Hobbit tends to camp chores that must be addressed which leads them off the mountain to the flatlands.

In an effort to locate mules, a small drive is performed with no results. Jumping over the creek to the camp side, the crew finds tracks and beds. And beds and tracks and beds and tracks….

At the last moment, a lone doe is pushed to Robba by Steven, which was not suppoda happen – Steven was a watcher! There must be a buck in the mix somewhere?!

Polecat and Hobbit returns to camp with duties well dispatched, as well as being quite “dispatched” themselves.


The now well assembled crew (except for Probie) assaults the same hill as the day prior. Tracks abound, beds, rubs, and all the rest of the stuff of deer hunting now being observed. The drivers delivers as promised, “Toucher’s dates” down the hill to the watch line. Chip relives his first-buck-miss-I-can’t-believe-it nightmare of last week as a doe walks right up to him.

More than one deer is around, three confirmed flattops with a fourth mystery mule which evades the gang before being viewed. All performs their assigned routes as planned, but Chip now having been bit to the bone decides to play Bungalow Jim and dogs the evading mules. One lone mule sneaks through Trailhugger and Spike, who were only yards apart. Upon return to camp, Chip informs the crew that the entire parade of mules went ’round the mountain and right back up into the notch, walking right under Leaddog’s watch which was abandoned a mere half hour before, even after staying put after drive two was initiated. Should-a would-a could-a……..


The crew awakens to the now icy world of continued climate change. Rain, snow, and sleet from the night before congealed into a ice laden wonderland, preventing a hunt that would be of any benefit. Since it would make no sense in running the fat off the mules due to noise, all agrees that enough is enough. Robba and Leaddog cooks a nice breakfast of blueberry pancakes and eggs, which both had none of! (at least the pancakes anyway)

Probie is now placed on eternal ever lasting probation, due to his no-show. Fines will be assessed, and collected. A one thousand word essay entitled “Why I want to be a real hunter, and why is my head still healing from the rolling pin that my wife used on me” must be submitted before next year. Maybe Chip could be his sponsor?!

You are not going anywhere!
You are not going anywhere!

7 Replies to “WEEK SEVEN – WRAP UP!”

  1. There should have been a Photo of Probie’s beer mug all alone sitting on the freezer door like the trail hugger’s. I cant believe a real man would choose to go to a office party instead of deer camp. Where are a real man’s priorities.

  2. I wish I had gone to camp. I was sick as a dog hung over on Saturday until 1:00pm. I can’t party like I used to. Besides, I gave you a reason to keep me on probation. In my defense, I would like the record to show I hunted two full weekends (including Fridays) during the rut. Not a great showing but still earning my CHUs. Happy Holidays!

  3. Probie-For-Ever (and ever) said:

    “I would like the record to show I hunted two full weekends (including Fridays) during the rut.”

    Counsel reply:

    Rule 30.06x
    You never got off probation. You can be terminated at any time.
    Essay not received?
    Program review by counsel next spring hike, or the upcoming Snowshoe Expo 2015.

  4. Wow–Two full week ends
    That like saying I went all the way to the Barrel or worse yet all the way to the Ice Rock.
    Shame,,,Shame,,Shame Be a Man or at least try.

  5. Attention Dildos

    Just in case you guys thought I forgot.

    Now more inportant news
    Did any of you guys see the size of the tree Leaddog had to decorate. No wonder he could’nt help butcher the two deer Billy gave us. That project had to take a week. He manages to alway have a excuse so he does’nt have to get his mamby pamby hands bloody.


  6. We can tell that Pewlkat is getting cabin fever already. There’s no snow for his sleds, and Derrie is probably ready to kill him.

    We love you too Pewlkat!

  7. Went up to camp this past Sunday to put the batts in our sleds and run them up & down the driveway. No critters crossing at all. Did see three on the edge of Sherriff Lake Property ( Rt 8) on the way home so their still around. Several tracks crossing Rt 10.
    Hung the rib cages up for the birds & put up the feeders.

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