A strong crew arrives after Holiday festivities to once again to hunt for mules. A repeat of last weeks weather results in local hunts, where as usual nothing was seen. A up and back valley hunt of the stream was performed, but no mules wanted to play. A few tracks were observed, but their makers were not.

Chip applies for membership in the esteemed FAMHC, but he didn’t submit his 100 word or less essay and didn’t have a sponsor. In an effort to satisfy the rigid standards, he shovels the parking area, and promptly parks in Tobias’s spot. Limited membership was granted – based on next years mandatory attendance requirements. Toucher finally shows up and earns his CHU’s, and he retains his membership in said esteemed club.


A push of Marsh was accomplished, and not one mule was seen. Tracks however are starting to appear and gets the crew excited, which was promptly extinguished on the next hunt. A “15 minute hunt” turns into a lot longer hunt based on a small “hump” in the middle of the drive. Since no one brought pitons and climbing rope, Polecat had to circumnavigate said hump – which led him to “places beyond”. Toucher waits, and was “given the bell” once again.


What should have been done in the last two days was finally attempted. The other local bunny hill was assaulted, with mules being encountered – finally. Toucher’s dates said hello, and goodbye. Somehow in between all of the ruckess up top, a rather large tracked mule escapes once again. Since these mules apparently have been trained, the crew decides to mix it up next week and do the hunt in reverse.

Let’s see what happens!

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  1. You forgot that the Polecat had tea and crumpets with Dr. Vacarro and Dr. Bagg on Pine Lake trying to get around that near verticle hump we tried to push on the last drive saturday. Not a F#%$@* track of any age to be seen all the way around it. Glad I did’nt try to scale it.

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