Three members (all in good standing) assemble to hunt the beast that has been tearing up the hills. Probie earns his required FAMHC – “CHU’s” (Continuing Hunting Units) to maintain status in this elite club. Polecat arrives but declares he has “other duties” to attend to, and swears he’ll hunt next Friday.

The trio heads to the areas hunted last week, which is occupied by the mighty mule. More scrapes and rubs were seen, with a repeat of “ring around the swamp” hunts being done. At 3:30 it was decided that a last push through the Knolls would be done, so all set out from the drive on Marsh to the Knolls.

At 4:30 an single shot was heard a mile away – from the area just vacated by the crew.


A strong crew now consisting of almost 17, (two show up a little later in the day) gets their marching orders and disperses to the mountain lair inhabited by the beast in question. The entire mountain is covered and crawled about end to end by the crew – even the red squirrels quivered and hid in fear by the presence of this camo covered compilation.

More and more scrapes and rubs are observed, the beast can’t possibly get away now unless it sprouts wings! All performs their assignments perfectly, and are somewhat befuddled by the absence of any mules. At the end of the mountain, the elusive “Icicle Al” was caught once again in the midst of the drive. Al has some bad news for the crew – it appears that another gang of four slipped in the night before and bagged a seven pointer – right in the spot that the FAMHC left at 3:30 on Friday. Yes, it certainly did sprout wings and was sent to its creator it appears. Robba was not pleased, and cuts cross country in a rage. His state of mind can only be depicted here:

All performs one more drive before heading back to camp, some mules were seen – but who really cares at this point.


A drive through the Meadows is set. There shouldn’t be any interlopers there, and most likely no mules as well either. Polecat takes his rangers through the snow topped hills and drive towards the watches down below. Lindy see two mules on the way up. Polecat inspects the buckcart that has never been used in the way-back and finds it half eaten by a bear! The bear did however leave a calling card – half a bandoleer of 30.06 rounds, from Toucher’s encounter of last year…..

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