The first sanctioned FAMHC event was held, with Robba, Digger and Leaddog (all in good standing) in attendance. Polecat once again had a gas delivery and a surveyor to deal with, so he couldn’t join the real men on this first event. The three amigos disperse to the woods in an effort to find mules. Several “ring around the swamps” drives were performed with some sign seen. After a few drives, mules were actually encountered, but the type of mule was not verified. One mule decides to make it self’s presence known by blowing tunes just out of sight of all three FAMHC members (in good standing). Another is heard in the Knolls by Leaddog, but not seen. Toucher arrives just in time late in the day to be included in the hunt to maintain status, but decides that the beer is more alluring the deer. This may lead to more council to determine his status in the “club” at some point!


A good crew is present, and the hunt is set. Drivers are dispersed to Camp Creek, with watchers at the other end as usual. Leaddog goes out left through Beaver Valley and up and over Liz and down to the 10 point watch. The main drive was performed with no results. All meet as planned, with running track going right through the 10 point watch, where no one was present. The crew is sent to Marsh to do drive two. On the way for drive two, a very nice rub is observed – that wasn’t present there the day before. Digger finds more rubs up top, and very impressive ones at that! The drive ends as planned, and all return to camp empty handed.


As usual, since all sign was seen at a particular spot over the last two days – the crew is directed to hunt elsewhere. Why this happens, we’ll never know. The usual No-name to the Painted Marker drive is performed, with absolutely nothing seen, except for the next mountain which will be assaulted on part two. Leaddog and Steven stalks a stealth hiker on the way in on the trail, but was not seen. We do however, know the brand of boots said hiker had on! Rumor has it that Polecat may have seen some mules, no bucks however.

Next Friday – a good turnout for the FAMHC is set.

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  1. Sunday No Name
    Robba did spot two mules. One a confirmed slicker and the other we had to call a flag (no head view) Fresh tracks going up the mountain which I crossed then either me or Steve jump’d two off the top but they never made it to a watcher down below
    Second drive on Irondequit produced two flags right in front of the pie whores watch and one bigger track about a hundred yards behind the flags leaping straight for Piney Knob.(the buck eludes us again) To bad the pie whore obeyed and was forced to a birthday party on Saturday nite. Oh Well Most of you MEN mind well.
    We got 17 guys this week end. A camp full.

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