NEWFLASH! Lodge to Reopen?

From sources it was told that the probability of the Lodge opening again is in the works! Polecat, along with righty and lefty in tow will now have a place to go after a long day in the woods. Beer futures looks like they will be up as well!

Will a direct trail to the Lodge be cut this coming work weekend?

Stay tuned for updates!

Meanwhile -from the same source it was conveyed that the Polecat was caught “like a mouse in a bucket” at the beer tent at the local fair – not once but twice!

The season is coming fast – time to get in shape boys!

2 Replies to “NEWFLASH! Lodge to Reopen?”

  1. Say it isn’t so. Friday night dinners at the lodge again? I better start getting ready.

  2. Possibly Probie!

    You can get out of it by hunting with the professional(s) on Friday’s. We’ll wait by the Ancient Icerock till they leave, and then have a nice quiet dinner in camp!

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