Weather- Monsoon conditions were encountered, which required yards of Goretex and weatherproofing gear until all were 20 minutes out on the trail, when the clouds and associated rain literally disappeared and gave way to blue sky and sun. Lugging all that foul weather gear for naught, was an exercise in futility – as was with Saturdays hunt. Class VIII rapids were present on all streams.

A strong turnout of the esteemed FAMHC (still missing the Toucher who had a valid excuse this time) resulted in a “local” hunt where the few buckrubs of last week in the 10pt watch and surrounds, turned into a multitude of shredded and damaged trees. No less than 25 rubs at the 10pt watch, and at least 25 more in the general area gets the troops very excited. Whatever mule is making these rubs is either ADHD (“Active Deer, Hyper Deer”), or looking for love in all the right places. Being close to camp, a saturation hunt was in order. More and more rubs and scrapes were encountered throughout the day as terrain was covered, with mules being penned and released at the very last drive – as always.

There’s more than one buck sparring with the troops it appears.


Polecat’s new hybrid bionic hip is now allowing him to access those places again where no mules are ever present. The crew hunts the outback – which is way out back! Rubs on old rubs by the mega-monster-mule is a slap in the face of the crew, who should have all of their faces slapped for leaving the area of Fridays hunt. It was again confirmed that all of the mountains, behind the mountain blocking their view from camp – are still there. One last drive on the way out results in dinner being pushed back two hours.


A repeat of Fridays hunt was in order, with an additional drive in the mix. More and more rubs and scrapes were observed, and flat topped mules plays pinball with the watchers. Still, the mule in question evades the crew – for now.

Next Friday, Leaddog hunts solo!

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  1. Last time Leaddog did a solo scout on Friday a monster mule was shot by Slost. Could there be a repeat this year?

  2. Here’s my plan of attack –
    I’m going to slowly hunt up the right side of Beaver Vally, to my favorite spot on the “ramp” before the ponds. Then up and over Liz, to the 10.2 watch, where I’ll sit till dark, awaiting the ADHD buck.

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